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Really enjoyed our time

Just a note to tell you how much Sara and I loved the trip - due to your good planning, contacts, energy, and more. We also really enjoyed our time spent with you and Isaac - you guys know how to have some fun - for sure.

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Beth 2014
Unforgettable journey

Just received your last movie of our trip. The movies are wonderful reminders of a fabulous
You made this into an unforgettable journey where were learned so much and enjoyed every
bit of it including the food (I gained 6 lbs by the way).
I hope we will see you again in the future.
Take care,
Eveline and Errol

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Eveline and Errol, 2016
The best planned trip

It was my pleasure to meet both of you and yes I hope to see you again.
This trip was the best planned trip I have ever been on .
You planned everything so well down to the smallest detail. There is absolutely nothing I could have asked for that you didn't do and make so easy for me traveling alone.
I wish you both the very best !
Tonight when I go to temple I will say extra prayer.
Stay well and until next time.......

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Carol, 2016
Richer and wiser

What can I say? You gave your all and we are all the richer and wiser for it. The trip was extraordinary and I will be carrying Sephardit Portugal and Spain forever in my heart.
Brought home Fado Music, book suggestions from the guides, 100's of photos, two pairs of boots, and my notes from all the guides to keep the journey alive. The Cleveland gang will surely
get together. My best to Isaac. Want to stay in
touch. Shabbat Shalom...Bisous, Margie

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Margie, 2016
Top top top notch tour

You are amazing! That would be enough to say and I could stop but I can't.
You and Isaac are very special people and you are correct if you will have us, nancy and I are your newest friends for life. Your passion for what you do is obvious and shows up in everything you do. In our profession, we have to be detail people and can recognize people who are. However, not everyone can pull it off. You can and did at the highest level on every aspect and every detail of the tour.

So I've established you created a top top top notch tour in every way, but I must again mention something very specific. Through your knowledge and incite you created and brought to life history in the most compelling and meaningful way (not to mention the modern life of two countries and peoples). We were able to not just hear it read to us or be able to take a picture of it, but to feel we were living it. You brought this compelling story to life and for that there are no thanks or accolades high enough to praise or thank you with.

Then there is the icing on the cake. Your videos are a brilliant idea and amazingly done. Especially the last one. (By the way those professional models you found to lead in the last days video were perfect. I think you are the first person to be able to catch me with a smile and my eyes open, not to mention standing next to nancy. I'm thinking you photo shopped it????)

I just wish I had known how alive the story was going to be told and about the vox device. I would have brought my digital recorder and plugged it in and recorded everything. I also would have brought my video camera and shot video of all the special people who spoke. I thought about the video camera before I left home but then decided it's probably going to just be one of those normal tours with people going blah, blah, blah. You fooled me. With your incites and commentary and the guides background and the residents who lived it - well, it should be a documentary movie, I wish I had).

I'm going to close for now and go back to sleep, trying to get back on schedule here.
More later. Be well. With our love, from Nancy and me. ????
P.S. - I guess I could have just summarized everything with, "you guys are the best and gave us the very best tour". Nancy sometimes says I take too many words to say things, but I couldn't help myself

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Nancy, 2016
Friendly tour guides

Thank you for all the videos, your organized schedule, for engaging informed and friendly tour guides and for arranging wonderful accommodations and meals.
I would say that the whole program was a success and this didn’t happen by magic. You and Isaac take all the credit.

It was great meeting you and sincerely hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

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Ximena, 2016
A memorable experience

We love all the wonderful pictures your sent us throughout our trip and loved coming home to see the last one! It is a terrific record of our trip which was a memorable experience. Thank you for your effort to make it so. We also feel that we made new friends in knowing you. If you ever find yourself in Cleveland, know you have a place to stay with us!

Thank you again for a wonderful two weeks and for taking such good care of Mel. Am now trying to get ready for my family to visit here for Thanksgiving. No easy task with jet lag which doesn't want to go away yet!

Stay well and have a good rest before traveling again!

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Maude & Mel, 2016
Hard work and dedication

Thank you so much for going the extra mile. Prepaying the taxi, packing the food! What a delightful surprise. I wanted to get in touch with you right away, but of course there was so much mail, work, Shabbat, etc. But that doesn't mean we weren't talking about how lovely everything was, and especially your hard work and dedication. Everything is very much appreciated. May you and you family be blessed! L'Hitraot!

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Pnina, 2013
So many emotions

We are all still trying to get out heads around all the amazing experiences we had every minute of every day.
I've told so many people about the trip and I know we will be talking at shul too. You and Isaac are amazing people and so happy to know you. I hope we can keep in touch. So much learned and so much emotions

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Harriet, 2014
Beautiful, fun, delicious

Wow! How can I thank you and Isaac for the extraordinary trip that you prepared for us and on which you led us. It was an incredible experience -- beautiful, fun, delicious, and deeply moving. I am grateful to you for all that you did for us.
The food was fabulous, the accommodations were amazing, the guides were brilliant and engaging, and I am blown away by some of the sites to which you gained access to for us. Most of all, I and the group really enjoyed traveling with you and Isaac and our friendships with you that developed during our time traveling together. Thank you for everything!
I will be sharing our experience and your contact information with my colleagues, and look forward to working with you on other trips in the future.

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Steve, 2014
A wonderful week in Spain

By now we have settled back into our everyday life in Jerusalem and we have only memories, pictures and new friendships to remind us of our wonderful week in Spain with Eric and Aya. Maybe "only" is not a good word to use as the memories and friendships are beautiful and hopefully long-lasting. I don't know about you, but for Judy and I, the trip was far more than we bargained for. We walked away with a real feeling for the history of Spain and met so many nice, interesting people along the way. Of course, any trip can be greatly enhanced by the cohesiveness of the group and fortunately we had a great group. While I recognize that a trip like this is but a small window in time and space - almost like a dream - that can never be repeated.

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Gerry, 2013
Fabulous journey

We didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to you this morning. We wish you a wonderful and restful sojourn in Israel and hope that the construction is moving along. Jeff and I want to thank you both and especially Aya and Isaac for a fabulous journey that opened our eyes to a world we had little knowledge of until now. Every guide was excellent in terms of explanation and articulation; but, the best part (and incomparable to the average tour) was having the opportunity to meet such diverse and interesting people with fascinating, often unbelievable, stories to share. My only regret is that history—the sad and abusive aspects—really does repeat itself.

Wonderful trip, including food, hotels, scheduling and transportation. What a great group of travel companions that we get to see more of now. Thank you, Aya and Isaac, for your attention to everybody’s needs like food allergies and walking issues. It is one thing to plan a well-organized and efficiently run tour; but, many times the personal touch is “meh” or missing altogether. You have it all covered and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. As I am working on Lisbon time and it’s almost 5:00 a.m. I will think about heading upstairs to bed. Hmmm, to unpack, not to unpack …

Many thanks and safe travels ahead.


Margo and Jeff

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Margo and Jeff, 2016

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