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About Us

Yaya Food & Travel Group combines luxurious accommodation, gourmet dining and Jewish heritage, offering the discerning traveller a unique holistic adventure.
Meet us and join the ranks of those who have already participated in this experience.It will be our pleasure to tailor a tour to meet your requirements.

Discover Jewish Heritage

You are invited to experience the magic of some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Yaya Food & Travel offers visits to authentic Jewish heritage sites with special Exclusive Access unavailable to the regular tourist. Yaya Food and Travel guests are assured of five star accommodation and gourmet fare at all destinations.

Yaya Tours is the creation of Aya Massias, born out of her desire to share with Yaya-White-logoothers her passion for, and knowledge of, Jewish heritage in the Mediterranean, as well as great food and their sheer love of nature and the outdoors. With 28 years of experience in the restaurant and travel industries, she has built one of the most highly acclaimed and celebrated kosher boutique tour agencies in Europe.
Aya presently spend most of her time between Gibraltar and Spain, where she offers a diverse selection of venues and tours that reach deep into the mountains of Andalusia, Provence, Portugal, Sicily and Morocco, with accommodations ranging from farm houses and haciendas to urban design boutique hotels.

Our Vision

Yaya Food and Travel Group operates five-star Jewish heritage and culinary tours throughout the Mediterranean. We specialize in Side1producing seamless, sophisticated and memorable social tours with impeccable organization, integrity and attention to detail.
We work extensively with internationally recognized tour guides — trained in Jewish heritage and history in the Mediterranean — to create your event or tour. However big your dream, we will make it happen. We work with your vision and your budget to provide you with best of our creativity, professional expertise, outstanding organizational abilities and depth of knowledge.
Our trips are designed to offer Michelin-star standard kosher food, thus providing food and wine lovers a one of a kind luxury culinary experience they cannot receive anywhere else.
Highlights of every tour include visits to local Jewish heritage sites as well as all other local historical and tourist attractions available. Every experience is designed to provide the highest level of luxury, comfort and satisfaction.
We are dedicated to managing your trip in a professional manner, making your concerns our concerns. Our Number One goal is to make your tour a once in a life time experience.
If you are corporate, part of a large family or a group of friends, it will be our pleasure to tailor a tour to your needs. You choose the destination, whether a luxurious chateau in Provence, a farm in the mountains of Andalusia, a rhiad in the kasbah in Fez or Marrakesh; or a five star hotel. Additionally, you can opt to join any of our ongoing tours.

Isaac Massias

Isaac was born in Gibraltar in 1960 and is the eighth generation living in GibraltarYaya-White-logo, having been educated at the prestigious Jewish Boarding School Carmel College in the UK. Growing up in Gibraltar and from an early age he was always surrounded by good food. his quest for excellence and looking always for the best ingredients and products began early. Isaac Studied and trained at the Savoy Hotel in London and was always looking to train and work with renowned chefs around Europe to learn more techniques. Later on he established the Primavera restaurants in New York and the Montefiore and Taverna Restaurant in Jerusalem were he catered for lots of heads of states, presidents, Royal families and even the Dali Lama.

Aya Massias

Aya was born in Jerusalem in August 1968 and was educated at Sde Boker Boarding School in the magnificent desert Ayasurroundings of the Negev (where the late Prime Minister David Ben Gurion is buried). There she discovered her love of hiking, touring and photography. She is the daughter of famous ceramic artist Naomi Bitter and legendary Israeli tour guide Benny Bitter. In 1990, following her Army service, Aya returned to her hometown Jerusalem to study photography at Michlelet Hadassah School of Arts.
After graduation she moved to New York where she worked at the New York Times as an assistant photographer to Chester Higgins Jr. Over the years she has studied and acquired expertise in Jewish Heritage and the Inquisition in the Iberian Peninsula. Aya completed the London Marathon in 2014. She and Isaac are the proud parents of three. With a keen eye for detail Aya ensures every tour is organised perfectly.

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